Alan Adler

Alan Adler

Alan Adler has a graduate degree in Design from Pratt Institute. I am the founder of Source Packaging and Cases by Source dedicated to producing custom packaging for industry. I took up wood turning in 2009. I have received awards at regional competitions and international recognition from peers from “The World of Wood Turners." I am represented in galleries in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

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For many years I was searching for a material and process to reconnect with my design roots and personal creative expression. Always drawn to wood and furniture building, I discovered woodturning by accident one day wandering through an art exhibition. I noticed a wood art piece that fascinated me. It was made by a famous wood turner and was priced at several thousand dollars. At that moment, I decided that I had to learn the process so I could perhaps create an object like the one in front of me. Within six months I took some lessons and purchased my first lathe. Nothing measures up to the excitement and discovery of peeling away layers of wood and exposing hidden treasures in grain, texture and color. Many woodturners describe this process as an addiction to turning wood. There is no middle ground here... total commitment or no interest. So now after thousands of hours of practicing I am able to share my art with you. 

I have been fortunate to have met, studied and received advice and encouragement from many of the leading artists in this medium. This has inspired me to experiment beyond my comfort zone with color, carving and techniques borrowed from other art forms.

Major influences in my work come from studying art history and twentieth century masters. Observing simple and elegant forms, textures and patterns and viewing nature have inspired organic relevance that can all be seen throughout my work.

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