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Home / Bowls & Platters (CF) / CF Bowl Giraffe w/ metal stand (2pc)

CF Bowl Giraffe w/ metal stand (2pc)

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Dimensions 16.5" dia x 8" H



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This glass bowl and stand installation is of substantial size and weight and will be a focal point in any home or business office. It strives to resemble the color and texture of giraffe skin and the solid forged metal stand elevates it to its rightful glory that represents this beautiful wild animal. The stand is coated in a beeswax ointment to inhibit rust and finished with felt pads on the bottom of the metal balls where they ontact the table. The balls that are in contact with the glass bowl each have a silicon bumper affixed to a grinded flat surface on the ball so the bowl sits sturdy and stable in place without any vibration or movement of the glass. Care should be taken when removing the bowl from the stand as the bowl has a rounded base and will not stand upright by itself - it will fall over if unsupported.

Store pickup is recommended due to heavy weight and fragility of this installation.