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JT Stained glass frame, flame 4x6

Copper foil method, 4" x 6" photo frame.


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Sometimes my designs become very literal... this table top picture frame, for example. The first glass that caught my eye was a wonderful blue amber blend. The design grew from there and flames of blue, white and amber quite literally spread upward!

The photo area measures 5" x 7". The glass does swoop into the frame area in the top left corner so your image can to be trimmed so as to not peak thru the glass depending upon the darkness of your image. The photo pictured was not trimmed. The frame measures 7.5" by 10" at its widest points.

This picture frame is constructed using the copper foil method of stained glass construction. The solder lines are treated with a copper patina and polished to a shine. Short lengths of zinc came are soldered to the back of the frame holding the frame back in place.

The photo features my grandson and his fabulous smile!