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JT Stained glass box with glass nuggets blue-green

Copper foil method, mirror base, clear bevel sides, 3" x 4" x 1.5"


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A great little stained glass box which combines shades of sky and grass... blues and greens in flat glass and glass nuggets. The three glass nuggets sweep from the smooth lines over the edge of the box to form a lip or handle for ease in opening.

The box is created using the copper foil method of stained glass construction. It's 4 sides are created with clear bevel glass and the base is mirror, reflecting light through the lid. The lid is held in place with a strong but invisible hinge. A length of strong silver-tone chain connects the base of the box with the lid preventing the lid from falling backwards. Under the box, you will find 4 rubber bump-ons which will keep the box from sliding on your table top. The solder is left in it's natural silver tone and polished to a shine. This box measures 4" wide by 3" deep and 1.5" tall.

A great gift or a place for your jewelry or trinkets!