Updated 10/17/2020

Selection of Artists and Media

Selection of artists and media is the sole responsibility of the Red Tulip Gallery management team and standards committee, and is done with regard to maintaining an appropriate balance of media in the gallery, as well as the availability of display and storage space.  Work is selected on the basis of the following criteria:

When applying, please provide photos showing the full range of the work you would like to include in the gallery.  This is more important than presenting a "cohesive body" of work as you would for Chapter or State jurying.  Your photos should include work at your lowest and highest price ranges, as well as your average range.

Your application will be judged primarily by the photos you submit, but you may also be asked to provide samples of your work.  We also reserve the right to decline specific items presented for inventory that do not meet our quality standard, match the medium presented in your application, or directly overlap with another member's work.

Work in all formats is judged solely on its own merit.  However, if there is an excess of work in a particular medium being considered, preference is given first to artists applying as full members.  Secondarily, members of the Bucks Chapter and then members of the PA Guild will be preferred over non-affiliated applicants should an excess of work be in consideration.

Adjunct Artist Contract

Adjunct Artist contract terms are for a period of up to 12 months, until the next full member renewal period. In limited cases, the Gallery reserves the right to offer a renewal. 

At any time during or after this Adjunct Artist period, if you are interested in pursuing full Gallery membership, you may apply to change your status with no application fee or submission of photos. If accepted, you would transition to full membership under the contract terms in place at the time of transition. 

We require notice 30 days prior to the termination of your contract and removal of your work if you need to withdraw prior to the end of the contact term. 


You set your own prices on all of your items and retain 60% of the final sale price. RTG retains 40% of the sale price to apply toward gallery-wide operating expenses, promotions, and credit card fees.


There is no application fee or security deposit for Guest Artists

Monthly rental fee is $40.  Rentals are due on a monthly basis before the beginning of the month to which they apply.  By default, your rental fee will be deducted from the commission you are paid at the end of each month (and will be detailed as rent payment on your monthly statement).  If you wish, you can opt out of this by paying the next month's dues any time prior to the last day of the month. 

There are no other fees associated with membership.

Periodically, as appropriate to reach business goals, RTG Gallery Management may organize special sales events or offer coupons. The costs of offering these discounts or coupons may be either taken from RTG's operating funds or split between RTG and the artists. If funds are to be split between the gallery and artists, the initiative will be proposed in advance and artist participation will be optional.

RTG handles all account and pays PA Sales Taxes under the RTG sales tax license.  You do not pay any sales taxes on the commissions you receive from us.

RTG pays credit card and bank processing fees as part of the commission on sales we retain.  You are not charged for these fees.

RTG pays artist commissions monthly, on or about the 20th of each month, for the previous month's sales.  For example, sales from June 1 - 30 are paid on or about July 20.  If you receive $600 or more in commissions in any calendar year, you will receive a 1099 form for your tax filing purposes.


RTG's policy is exhange only within 14 days (with receipt) for store credit for undamaged/unused merchandise.  In the event that a customer presents an item for return due to a defect in workmanship, the customer will be placed in direct contact with the artist to negotiate a replacement or repair.

Work Requirement

We hear daily from our customers how important it is for them to connect directly with the artists whose work they are purchasing.  This is something that sets us apart from other galleries in the area, and something we feel passionate about preserving. Because of this, all full member artists are required to work about 2 days per month staffing the Gallery.

Adjunct Artists are not required to staff the gallery; however, if you are interested in pursuing full membership at the end of your term, we encourage you to spend some time at the Gallery assisting the artists who are working. This is the best way to understand the scope of membership and the type of activities gallery staffing entails (don't worry - it's actually fun!).

We are generally open during the off season (Jan - April and Sept - mid-November) from 11 - 5 Wed through Sun.  May - September and mid-November through New Years, we try our best to be open 7 days, 11 - 6, with 8 pm closing on Fridays and Saturdays.  Occasional holidays or events in town prompt changes to this schedule. Our schedule varies based on the availability of artists to cover work shift.

Display and Packaging

RTG provides retail packaging, including bags, tissue, bubble wrap, and boxes.  RTG also handles the display of your work on shelving, wall hanging, display cases, etc.   For online sales and customers who request shipping, RTG provides the shipping boxes, wrapping/packing and transport of the package to the appropriate UPS or USPS location.  Unless you prefer to ship items yourself (in which case we will reimburse your shipping costs when a receipt is submitted), RTG will ship under the RTG UPS or USPS accounts. 

If your work requires specialized display or packaging, you are responsible for providing it and it is subject to review by the Gallery Manager to ensure that it fits in both size and style with the gallery's displays.  Please let us know in the comments section of the application if you anticipate needing anything specialized.

If you provide any display that you would like returned to you at the conclusion of your tenure as an Artist, please ensure that it is clearly labeled with your name in a discrete location. 

We highly recommend that all artists provide "artist cards" or small cut sheets that we can give customers when they purchase your work.  These cards typically include basic information about the artist, the work process, etc., and make the purchase much more personal and valuable.  Many customers request these cards with their purchases. The most successful of these go beyond a simple business card and include marketing information that puts the work into a larger context.  Please ask if you would like some guidance and to see some examples.


RTG carries liability insurance that covers the gallery in case of personal liability such as slip-and-fall accidents.  The landlord carries fire/flood/property insurance on the property.   

​Artists are NOT covered by the RTG or landlord policies for theft/damage/loss of their products or for liability arising from a customer using one of your products.  That is typically covered by mercantile insurance, which we recommend that all artists consider for themselves.  Contact a local insurance broker for information and policy requirements.

Special Events / Opportunities / Trunk Shows

To build community knowledge and boost sales, we schedule special events throughout the year.  These can include "openings" or "theme nights," as well as trunk shows and special displays of featured products.  We solicit artist ideas as well as participation to make these events a success for all.

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