Dan and Jill Burstein

Dan BursteinDan and Jill Burstein are a husband and wife team that work out of their new state-of-the-art studio in New Hope Pa. They have been creating beautiful works of stained glass since 2001 and unique blown glass works since 2010. They are members of the PA Guild of Craftsmen, New Hope Arts, The Stained Glass Association and the Glass Art Society. Jill, who designs all of the stained glass artwork, holds a BFA from Washington University School of Fine Arts.

Dan has studied and worked at The Bucks Community College for over 15 years and taken numerous glass blowing courses at other Studios including The Corning Studio, Goggle Works, The Banana Factory and East Falls Glass works. ​  

The couple's love of the medium - its variety in texture, light, and color - and the influence of Frank Lloyd Wright and his light screens, have resulted in a unique and diverse body of work. 

Jill & Dan use colored transparent glass and seeded clear glass together to create pieces that help to bring the outside in, while maintaining the design and integrity of the architecture/work that surrounds the artwork. 

Dan's love of nature has been a specific inspiration for two of his blown glass series. His Landscape series layers the colors of the earth and the sky in an organic, painterly composition. His Ocean Waves series depicts the simultaneous calmness and turbulence of water’s movement.  He also creates and uses intricate murrini—a technique that allows him to add a three dimensional aspect to his blown glass pieces. 

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