Donald Schoenleber

Donald SchoenleberI think of Photography as an accumulative experience, a never ending journey of refinement. The more I work at it the more I see the world around me.  It makes me slow down and appreciate the subtleties, the time of day and the color of the light. Early morning is my first choice. It’s warm, soft, directional light helps  bring out the form and texture of the landscape. But it doesn’t last. Everything around us is changing, that’s why I feel so strongly about photographing Bucks County and the surrounding area. It’s my attempt to preserve what I see and find so satisfying.

Photography continues to evolve. It is an ever changing process…

But, the one thing that remains constant is the act of creating the image. Whether using a digital camera and computer or a conventional film camera and a darkroom, in the end there isn’t any difference.  The act of creating the image starts by composing the image in the viewfinder, and completing the creative process in the “darkroom” either wet or dry.  Today the cropping, dodging and burning in, the creative “dark room” process can be performed on a computer.  The computer and the software are just tools. Seeing and creating the image is the same regardless of the type of camera and “darkroom”.

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