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CF Glass Mirror in Cobalt Blue Bubble Design

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Dimensions 18" dia glass base fram, 12" dia mirror



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This mirror with its water bubble design is a perfect addition for a beach or mountain house where the elements are repeated in interior decor to remind of the outdoors wonders. This mirror design reminds of bubbles in water and has a calming effect when looking in the mirror (we all need a "magic mirror" like that right?).

Two mounting hardware slide-slots are attached to the back of the glass base with a very strong adhesive glue provided by the manufacturers (Hang Your Glass) and comes included in the price - a $120 value). A ruler is included to assist with the mounting of the mirror, which will have a flush offset with the wall once it is installed.

Care: a light wipe with a damp cloth will keep this glass mirror shining.

Weight: 7.5 lbs