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CF Bowl River Tidal in Greens

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Glass Tidal bowl (on glass feet) of a river bed - Dia 9.5" x 2.5" H



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This glass bowl will compliment any office desk or vacation home as a functional piece of art. It is described as a "Tidal bowl" as it resembles organic matter found underwater in river bank tidal pools. There is even a hint of all the plastic found in our water ways (red netting made of red glass stringers) and hopefully this would serve as a reminder of the duty to act responsibly about the waste we create.

The depth effect of the glass is created by layering multiple layers of glass components and fusing them together under high (1500F) heat, squeezing the air out from between the layers. Some very small bubbles remain trapped in the glass layers and represent the signs of life underwater on the river beds.

This bowl is propped up on three glass legs which are padded with rubber bumpers to lend it stability so it won't skid around. The design allows light to travel through the glass colors to cast a beautiful color collar on the surface below it.

The item is food safe. Hand wash is preferred. Do not use in a microwave or oven to prevent thermal shock and resultant cracking of the glass..